About Me


I'm Paul, I live near Glasgow in Scotland, and I build things that usually end up on the Internet.

It all started when my Commodore 64 booted my first ever program, dutifully
keyed in line by line from the supplied 'type-in' program book. When the black screen flashed from
black with a blinking cursor, to black with a (slightly jaggy) red circle, I knew I was working with something special.

Flash forward through the years of getting my first PC, setting up my first 'network' port (coax, of course),
listening to the sweet tone of our first dial-up connection. I followed along with the evolution of technology without really knowing how much of an impact it was making. To me, it was just cool.

Since then, I've moved on from that jaggy red circle... slightly. I get the chance to work with a wide range of tech in my day
job as a Dev Team Lead at Equator at their HQ in Glasgow, which allows me to develop solutions for brand names such as Malmaison, Hotel Du Vin, Village Hotels and many (many!) more. I've also been known to get involved in a little entrepreneurial action through side-projects like Frame and Vob, and through working with great teams on freelance projects such as MikMak and WhatGas.

When it comes to the tech I'm into, the list goes on: C#, asp.net, SQL Server and Umbraco get the job done for most of my Agency work. I specialise in Native development for iOS (and Android, soon!) for mobile, but I'm looking at React Native with interest. SASS, Gulp, JS and HTML5 are my go-to tools for front end work, coupled with either Angular or React when things get that little bit more complicted on the client side. For side-projects on the server-side, I'm currently getting on really well with Laravel and Rails{:target="_blank}, tending to host on Ubuntu.

If you'd like to get in touch, you'll find me on Twitter @paulaik or on email via me@paulaikman.co.uk.